The Best Baby Furniture for Your Child

How to Discover The Best Baby Furniture For Your Child

Giving your baby the best should be the goal of any new parent, one of the most important things to consider for a baby is providing a growing child with baby furniture to make the most of their ever-changing needs. When you’re setting up a nursery for a new baby, there are several things which should be considered from aesthetics to cost. Consider these tips to help make the best decisions when it comes to finding quality Incy Interiors Baby Furniture for your child.

Choose furniture pairing design with function

One of the best pieces of kit for your growing baby is a great cot and with so many options to choose from, consider how you and your child will use the cot. Solid wood cots can help reduce exposure to potential toxins such as harmful VOCs making wooden cots great buys for any baby. Wooden baby furniture also make great centrepieces to give a room natural rugged look.

Storage and more Storage

A new baby equals an increased need for storage making storage an important consideration for creating a great space for a growing child. So, if you’re considering storage options for your home try to avoid plastic storage bins. Instead consider more natural or durable options like:

  • Canvas Bins
  • Woven Baskets
  • Fabric/Leather Boxes

Understand that plastic over time releases harmful chemicals into the environment which an important reason to use higher quality storage baby furniture for any baby’s room.

Change is important

If you have space and the budget, consider investing in a high-quality changing table. New parents constantly change nappies, making it important to have a well-thought-out way of doing so. There are several different types of changing tables which brings us back to our suggestion above, choose baby furniture for design and function from Consider choosing a changing table that can also double as a dresser because it can be used in your child’s room longer as they grow out of nappies.
Teeny change table - Pink
Make it last

Lastly, consider how long you need the baby furniture to last. Do you want the furniture to last long-term over several years filling many different roles? Then, wooden and metal furniture will make good design options for you. Quality furniture stands the test of time and can withstand being used by even the smallest of hands. Discovering solid baby furniture means taking the time to understand what your baby needs and then it’s happy decorating as you watch your baby’s room take shape.

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